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Do's And Dont's

Do's And Dont's

Do's :

  • Acquaint yourself with the layout of the escape routes, staircases, refuge areas and the location of fire alarms
  • Train yourself and the security personnel in the proper operation and use of first-aid hose reel provided at each floor level and fire extinguishers. Also train them in switching on the fire pump, at ground/basement level and also the booster pump at terrace level, and the method of summoning the Fire Brigade Department in the event of a fire.
  • Keep always closed the fire doors of staircases, main entrance to the factory building/ company
  • All the fire protection installations such as fire pumps, wet riser-cum-downcomer, sprinkler installation, fire extinguishers etc should be kept in a good state. Timely use of these will help in controlling/extinguishing the fires in the early stages, thereby minimising life losses and property losses.
  • Always maintain good house keeping.
  • Ground all the lifts, including FIRE LIFT, in case of a fire.
  • Practice evacuation drills periodically.
  • Irrespective of the magnitude of fire, summon the Fire Brigade at the earliest.
  • Seek the advice and guidance of Fire Brigade Department in the matter of fire safety.
  • In case of fire, guide the Fire Brigade Department personnel about the location and extent of fire, information about trapped persons, if any, and provide any other information they may request. Help them to help you.

Dont's :

  • Do not allow encroachments or storages in the courtyards of the building. Open courtyards are required for placing and operating the fire and rescue appliances in case of emergency.
  • Do not allow storages or obstructions in the common corridors and staircases. These exit routes, if maintained clear, will help easy escape in case of fire.
  • Do not allow the Fire doors of the staircases to be kept open. In case of fire, heat and smoke enters the staircases and prevent the escape of people.
  • In case of fire, do not use LIFTS for escape. They may fail midway trapping people inside. Use only staircases.
  • Do not allow Electric Meter Rooms to be used as storages, dumping places or as living quarters for servants. They are potential fire hazards.
  • During Diwali Season, do not keep any combustibles in the balconies. Do not dry clothes in the balconies or outside the building line. Flying crackers have caused serious fires.
  • Do not use the basement for any purpose other than permitted purpose. Because of ill-ventilation, habitation or working in the basement will make a death trap for people.
  • Continuous electrical ducts throuDo not re-enter the ire affected building to collect the valuables or for any other purpose. It may cost your the height of the building enable the fire to spread from one floor to another. Seal them at each floor slab level.
  • Do not allow Air-Condition ducting to pass through one floor to another, because fire, heat and smoke travel through these ducts and spread to the other part of the building. Sectionalise them, as far as practical even on a particular floor, so as to limit the spread of fire, heat and smoke, and minimise the damages.
  • Never paint or coat fire detectors or sprinkler heads. If done, they will become ineffective.
  • Do not decorate walls and ceilings of common corridors with combustible material such as wooden paneling etc. They create unwarranted fire risk in the escape route in case of fire.
  • Do not allow Fire fighting tanks to be misused or remain empty. Do not block access to the tank. You/Fire Service may need them for use at any moment.
  • Avoid damage to wet riser system. It has been provided for your use to extinguish/check spread of fire before arrival of Fire Brigade. It's good maintenance ensures your safety.
  • Do not 'switch off' Fire/Smoke Detection System. This may lead to fire remaining unnoticed till it assumed large magnitude
  • Do not 'switch off' electricity of the entire building in the event of a fire. This will cause stoppage of all the fire protection and fire fighting system installed in the building.
  • Do not carry out additions and alteration in the building. Consult Fire Brigade before undertaking such works.